How do i get a user info from the Twitter API (methods:Filter, Search)


Hi, I am coding in ROR (Ruby on Rails) using the ‘twitter’ gem (

I have authenticated successfully. With the code below: (The Twitter Streaming API)

   @twitter_rest = do |config|
     config.consumer_key        = "CONSUMER_KEY"
     config.consumer_secret     = "CONSUMER_SECRET"
     config.access_token        = "ACCESS_TOKEN"
     config.access_token_secret = "ACCESS_SECRET"

Now i am using the filter method to grab tweets contains the string “Search_Word”, code below:

   @twitter_rest.filter(:track => "Search_Word")  do |tweet|
       TwitterData.create(:tw => tweet)

I am pushing the tweets into a model called “Twitter_Data” to “tw” column.
The filter command returns the tweet content.

How do i get for each tweet the User ID or Screen name???