How do I get a public user timeline using v1.1 API on iOS?


I have an iOS app that includes the ability to view the tweets from a particular user. I have it working fine with v1 of the Twitter APIs and the Twitter / Social framework (depending on iOS version). I’ve been reading about the need to upgrade to 1.1 but just switching over endpoint leads to an authentication error. I have searched and searched but all the examples (including the official documentation) are for v1.

Reading around it sounds as though I might need to include a user account in the request. However, this does not seem viable for my scenario as the device may not have a Twitter account registered, and in any case it will result in iOS asking the user for permission to access their account, which would be a very strange user experience in an app that does not do anything with their Twitter user.

Can anyone enlighten me as to how this should be done? (It would be great if the Twitter devs could update the example code in the iOS documentation as well.)

Thanks in advance.


In the same boat actually. Did you ever get a solution of this problem?


No, I’ve had no responses and as far as I can tell there is no good solution. The iOS documentation has been updated but only to show the use of user credentials to do it so I guess we are expected to force the user to sign in so they can see a public timeline! For websites there is Embedded Timelines but it is not clear to me if they will work if dropped into a UIWebView - I will give it a try when I get some time.