How do i find my consumer key and secret



I am developing a web app for my twitter account and need my consumer key and secret number. How do I get these?




By registering an application at

#4 - check this out


That link posted by the two of you does not help at all! It takes you to a screen to create and “app” which I have absolutely no interest in doing! I just need my Consumer key and secret and my Access Token and access token secret - how the hell do you find these things? Ridiculous!!!


If you follow the link they posted (above) and click on the App you can get your consumer key and secret under “OAuth settings” or the OAuth tool tab. You’ll need to register the/an application first.

Keep the “Consumer secret” a secret, don’t publish it.

Can see this for a guide:


I understand your frustration Steph. I was lost until I figured it out on my own. See twitter wants you to CREATE an app in order for you to CREATE a Twitter Consumer Key ,Twitter Consumer Secret code, Request token URL, ect .

There is a huge list of reasons for the jumping through hoops but the one that makes the most sense is found in twitters terms of service

here is a helpful video


doesn’t accept any old callback URL. what the hell is that and ‘Website’?


how i can access to this information (consumer key and secret) for a test site. i have my site in localhost, but twitter askme a real web domain, How i can do this? PLS HLPME


very difficult, do i need to verify my mobile phone to have an app on my website with twitter feed ?


If you are simply looking for an Embedded Timeline on your website, you can customize your widget directly at

If you want to create a Twitter app and unfortunately unable to meet the mobile phone requirements from your country, please take a look below:


We are aware of the current difficulties and actively working on improving the app registration flow. Thanks for your patience.


to find the consumer key and consumer secret click on “Test OAuth” at the top then they will appear


What if I can’t click TestOAuth due to having my App restricted? I’m trying to fill out the form to get it unrestricted and it’s asking of the Consumer Key and the App URL which apparently are in the TestOAuth area. That’s odd that they are asking for it, but I can’t get to that area.


Consumer Key is AKA - API KEY
Consumer Secret is AKA - API Secret

Why they choose to refer to the key and secret with 2 different names, i do not know.


SOLUTION with pictures!

Hey folks. I noticed many people probably just need a step-by-step guide; and if youre like me, you just want to “see” what to do and where to enter information. So I created this Step-by-Step, How-To blog post with screen shots on how to get your Twitter API Key, API Secret, Access Token, and Access Secret.

I hope it helps! If you run into any issues just comment within the blog page comment box as I dont check this forum much. You’re welcome to share the post from our post page (thank you!) :slight_smile:

Post: Easily Get Twitter API Key, API Secret, Access Token, Access Secret – in Pictures

Disclaimer: this was posted on June 04 2014; we may not update the post if Twitter changes their interface or retrieval process; maybe we’ll just make a new post.


Taner, this is great, but I am still having problems. Bad Authentication apparently. Is the twitter API key the same as the OAuth Consumer Key?

I have these to imput.

OAuth Consumer Key
OAuth Consumer Secret
OAuth Access Token
OAuth Access Secret

I followed your instructions to a T. The best and most clear cut advice there is, but its come up with a bad authentication error.

Please advise.


There are some inconsistencies in terminology that are a bit confusing

Consumer Key = API Key
Consumer Secret = API Secret
OAuth Token = Access Token
OAuth Token Secret = Access Token Secret


Consumer Key = API Key
Consumer Secret = API Secret
OAuth Token = Access Token
OAuth Token Secret = Access Token Secret

here is my thing


Consumer key is API Key?
and Consumer Secret is API Secret?


That is correct.


Sorry for the delay everyone; Ive been quite stuffed starting 2 new companies. If you leave comments on the blog post at 74by2 then we get the notifications and someone can respond more quickly.

Yes just drop the OAuth, we simply say Consumer Key or Consumer Secret, etc.

Has everyone found their solution already?