How do i file a support ticket now?


I have been going over the Automation Rules and Best Practices document, and under the section about mass-creating automated accounts it says to file a support ticket if you have questions on appropriate uses. However, the link that is provided ( no longer works. How can i contact Twitter to get my app approved for creating multiple accounts?


I’ll let them know this link has broken. You can use presently.


i am trying to implement xAuth, I have filled form already for permission from twitter side, still i am getting below error:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> /oauth/access_token xAuth का प्रयोग करने के लिए क्लाएंट अनुप्रयोग को अनुमति नहीं है.

after decoding entities its :
xAuth का प्रयोग करने के लिए क्लाएंट अनुप्रयोग को अनुमति नहीं है.

please let know, how to get confirmation on the xAuth permission by Twitter, after completing the procedure for xAuth verification.

Thanks for the help…


Twitter login problems?
Iam unable to login my twitter account. Error message is… we have sent login verification to the twitter for andriod app. I dont have back up code… how can I get back my twitter account?


Can anyone please help? My account has been locked. I have no idea why. But, on my timeline it tells me to check my email to unlock my account. I go the message, there is a button that says “confirm your twitter account.” I press the button and it takes me back to my timeline where I started.