How Do I Create Twitter Ad App Install Card?


I’m looking to create an ad for my mobile app that looks like the ads that I’m seeing in my timeline. This is what I’m looking for:

  • Photo of app/ad
  • Small install button with Link to Android and iOS app store
  • Name of app below photo
  • Below name of app include rating and number of reviews

That list of requirements is based off ads that I see in my timeline.

I can’t seem to find a combination card settings that will give me exactly the layout that I see on other ads. It’s seems like it would be the App card but that doesn’t seem to allow custom images and it lacks the small install button. I looked at the Lead Generator but the image dimensions don’t match what I see in other ads and I don’t need leads. When I look at the Twitter Ad Website Card, it almost looks exactly like what I want except the content should point to the App Stores and the Read More button should say Install. Is there a hidden Twitter Ad App Card that is not publicly available?

Am I missing something? Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks for reaching out!

It might be the Website Card.

See here for more info:


I don’t think it’s the website card because there is no link to the app store and the button is Read More button instead of a Download or Install button. I want the ad to look like the photos in your Mobile Ad Announcement on this page:


I am having the same issue. There’s no “Install” option for the website card. I’m curious as to why there’s no App Card option in the ads dashboard.


For App Download cards associated with our mobile app promotion product suite, you’ll want to see this support page for details on card creation: