How do I create a vertical Twitter Follow button with count?


I am trying to get code for a vertical Twitter “Follow” button showing count, but can only find code for the vertical Tweet (Share) button data-count="vertical. Where can I find code to make a vertical one-click “Follow” button with count?

Thanks in advance.


Vertical Followers count (or User name) display is unfortunately not supported by the Follow Button. It’s “horizontal only”.


I think vertical Follow button is really cool. Hope near future you will introduce vertical follow button like Facebook, Google+.


+1 for a vertical option for the follower count, going to have to hack my own version for now


yes, i also would love to have a vertical tweet. How can you hack your own version? you mind sharing :slight_smile: ?


C’mon Twitter! Let us create a follow button with a vertical count.


after a bit of work, i got a vertical count working. simple, please share! i didnt add the link in the bubble like “Tweet” has because similar buttons (facebook and g+) display the number as text

use an iframe with the src being ie:


Here’s my version. It’s 1:1 with Twitter’s default buttons. Very easy to implement, enjoy.

#9 not working :frowning:


Thanks for the great solution. Just 1 request.

Is it possible to truncate the counts? E.g 10,000 display as 10k / 1,000,000 display as 1m?



Heh, never considered that, guess I’m not popular enough :wink: Should be easy enough, I’ll take a look when I get off work tonight.



how do i load the javascript? My box appeared empty. I assumed that the java script was in container. If it’s not please correct me. Tq.


i cant get it to work. It appeared as an empty box. Please help on which part should be stored where. I assumed that the javascript should be put in container. Correct me if i’m wrong.


same problem as @Beambos.
may there is some plugin we missed.


uncaught syntax error.
i am using mvc3.


Not sure what you’re doing without seeing the implementation. Regardless, the CSS and JS can be placed anywhere. In an external file, in the tag, or anywhere else frankly. I updated it here to include it all as HTML. I recommend copying it as is into your site, make sure it works, then switch it to your own account. Everything included to make it work is included in that link.


i tried as per the latest link you’ve provided. It’s still showing a blank box. Please help. the link of the file is


You need to add jquery. jsfiddle loads it externally. Add this to your page somewhere.


Great job I was pulling my hair off until I found your post thanks a lot save me a lot of work,… thumbs up…