How do I create a timeline with multiple hashtags?


How do I create a timeline with multiple hashtags? I want to embed a Twitter timeline that combines multiple has tags into a single feed - e.g.: #trump and #Bush and #hillary and #whitehouse.



Create a new embedded search timeline widget with your search term.

example: #WomensWorldCup AND #USA AND #JPN


Hi Niall - Thanks, I was probably not clear - I want a feed that will show anything with any of the hashtags in that set:

eg: anything about either #Steffigraff or #AndreAgassi not just tweets that carry both hashtags
eg: for a feed on the US presidential race, the stream would pick up anything with hashtags of ANY of the 12 or so campaigns out there.

Thanks very much - Peter


I believe you just do it without the β€œAND”, so:


Try using OR in your search query.

Example: #WomensWorldCup OR #USA OR #JPN

Read more about query operators:

Experiment with creating queries using Twitter advanced search:


thanks niall. if you try that you will see that it returns only tweets with the exact phrase β€œ#womensworldcup or #usa,” rather than any tweet with either #womensworldcup or#usa this is probably an easy thing for twitter to fix. please let me know. many thanks - peter


Thanks, but belief dies in the face of scientific fact. At least on my laptop, your advice yields all tweets with BOTH terms. But thanks for trying