How do I create a follow link without javascript or iframe?


I need a static URL that will ask a user to login to twitter and automatically follow us. This is for a public Kiosk that will have “bookmarks” to various social media related to our organization. The kiosk automatically resets(clears cookies, history, etc…) after a short time-out so the user will not be logged in to twitter to start with.


Use Web Intents, without Javascript. Web Intents are just simple URLs that leverage a session connection.

If you wanted to provide this for the user @LordGarak, you’d just make a simple A HREF link to: like:

Follow @LordGarak


I use a Google Page for my site and can only literally insert


Instead of a follow button, you’ll just need to build a link to the the follow intent as described above – just the simple A HREF HTML tag. If you had an image you wanted to use instead of the screen name between the tags, you could use that instead.


Try this, twitter follow button without any javascript:


Nice one @episod!