How do I change the Twitter account associated with the website for my Twitter cards?


I signed up for Twitter cards and was approved. However, I have since gotten a new Twitter handle for the website associated with the cards, and I need to update that on the cards. Right now the cards link to my personal account (@whit537), but I’d like for them to link to the new business account instead (@Gittip). What do we need to do to make this happen?




If you markup your cards with twitter:site and you new username it will over-ride the existing default value you submitted originally. We can also change this value if you ask us nicely, so we just did, @gittip is the new default value for your cards.


Thanks so much! :smiley:


We have the same problem.

All our subdomains (,,,…) have been approved with the correct twitter:site value (we have a twitter account for each subdomain). But had an issue, we received an email to resubmit it, and then it was assigned to our main account (@unComo) instead of @belleza_unComo.

Is it possible to change that?

Thanks in advance