How do I change the background color on the new widgets?


I want my background to be properly black, and the widget page says there are extra options for those who want to customize things like that, but on the said page I don’t find any code for it, apart from making it dark/light/transparent. Is a custom color no longer possible?


We don’t have a facility to directly set an arbitrary background colour, instead you should pick the ‘transparent’ option and apply styles to the container. We wanted to offer a simple option that would also work for sites with background images, or users of CSS gradients, alpha-transparency and shadow effects to have more flexibility.

So, specify the dark theme to good text colour contrast, and then transparent to have your black background show through.



Hmm, well this is gonna take some work then, cause in my design I was used to having the black box within a green frame, so the background on the site actually is green.


Hi! I am actually trying to set my background transparent in the new widget, but I can’t find the option that is mentioned by @BenWard above. Is this in the Widget Configurator? Please help!


I figured it out, please disregard my question. Thanks!




Figured out how to make the background transparent, but after doing so my widget also loses the padding to the left and right of the stream (approx 9px worth). Why does this happen? How can I get that padding back while still keeping the background transparent?


can someone please help me out…how do i make my webpage widget transparent? all it gives me is the two options of light or dark, i tried in html and i don’t know exactly what i’m doing so it just makes everything transparent?!


I would also LOVE to know how to make it transparent. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while now.


Modify the embed code you paste into your page with an extra attribute: data-chrome=“transparent”


Sounds easy enough, but it still doesn’t work? i tried it many differnt ways…is there a specific way or placement I need to insert this?

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Thank you very much it worked!

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its relatively simple method… make it transparent, and put all in a customize

you can set a b/g color image or anything u want… hope it will help…


Been wanting to do the transparent thing. Thanks, Ben, for showing me where to put it. Was the last part of the mystery. Suggestion to the Twitter developers … would probably help a lot of people if “transparent” were a standard third option besides “light” and “dark”.


Is it possible to create a transparent background for “embedded tweets” as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!