How do I auto publish to an account with the new oAuth


I have been reading up on the new oAuth and had a question I could not find thus far in my research.

I am creating a web application that users can install into their CMS for event management, and for each install I want that business or organization to be able to enter heir twitter account info so that when they create an event that event can also be auto published to their organizations twitter account.

How would I go about this so that on save of the event a twitter post function can execute and post a snippet on the event without any extra input from the site administrator.


any help would be nice. How come I never get replies in these things


Your CMS will need to provide first an interface for the user to associate their Twitter account with your application record – this is referred to as the OAuth dance – the result is an access token that represents that user. The access token is what’s used to make API requests – for instance, tweeting.

Once you’ve associated an access token with the current user, you can issue API requests any time you like. In your example, you would associate a request to [node:99] with the action of publishing an event.

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