How do I apply for Real Time Audience API access?


I am new to the twitter API and testing integration for my company. I want to apply for access to use the Real Time Audience API but am not sure where I need to do this. The doc page stated that I need to apply but didn’t provide a location or link to do so. Is there a page I haven’t seen yet or someone I need to contact to get the process started?

My app ID is 14281172. If more information is needed I can provide it privately.


Hey @stephanie_4cite

Thanks for bringing this up. The best way to request access to these endpoints would be to contact your Twitter representative directly.

cc @carmenjyuen



Thanks for responding @imit8me !

Did you cc @carmenjyuen because that is my representative? For future reference, where would I have found who my representative is?



Hi @stephanie_4cite! You could of emailed which would of gotten in contact with us directly. Can you drop me an email at I can help get you set up with Real time tailored audiences!