How do I apply for elevated POST limits?


Since the recent changes to default app-level rate limits, during busy periods I am frequently receiving error code 185 and my users’ tweets not being published. I know that I need to request elevated POST access, but I cannot get anybody at twitter to respond to me. I’ve tried:

  • The API Policy Support Form - the relevant option (“I would like to apply for elevated POST limits”) is never available, even when my app is “suspended” for this

  • The API Policy Support Form on any of the other options - I receive an auto-reply from twitter, to which I respond with full details, but to which I get no reply

  • Tweeting TwitterSupport, TwitterAPI and TwitterDev

Does anybody have any ideas how I can get somebody at Twitter to respond to my messages and either grant me elevated POST access, or at least tell me what changes I need to make to my app?!


@LeBraat are you able to help? I see your response on a similar thread (now closed).


Hey @garyekins,

Please don’t tag staff unless you are already chatting with one of us. Our team is distributed around the globe and we may not always be able to answer a question quickly. We have different schedules and sometimes it may take a few days. Thanks for your patience! This is a community forum, not a direct channel to technical support.

What is the app ID of the app for which you need an elevation?



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