How do I add i18n support for web Intents?



I developed the popular Better Click to Tweet plugin for WordPress. It outputs a web intent that pops up in a modal to deliver the tweet.

My plugin has been translated into 7 languages. When a Greek speaking user reads the tweet, it’s still using the word “via” for the via parameter of the web intent, when it should use “Από”

Is there a way to add i18n support? I’d love to be able to hook in and tell the web intent what word to use instead of “via.”


You may specify a lang query parameter if you believe you have better information about the viewer’s desired language display than their logged-in Twitter session or browser settings may provide. You may not override template text included for a Tweet text template component such as via.

The Twitter Translation Center handles string translations by locale. It’s similar GlotPress and WordPress Core. You may submit suggestions for Greek translated strings in Translation Center, which will be reviewed by an editor and the Greek language community.