How do I add a developer to my app?


I implemented oauth for a website using an app I created under my twitter account.

The site went live, now how do I give the client access to the app in twitter?


The application model doesn’t allow more than one administrator for the application. If multiple operators need access to the application, you should associate it with an account you both have access to.


This is definitely a highly requested feature


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Cuando trato de publicar algo me aparece esto '‘Esta solicitud parece estar automatizada. Para proteger a nuestros usuarios de spam y otras actividades maliciosas, no podemos completar esta acción en este momento. Por favor, inténtalo de nuevo más tarde.’'
y no puedo mandar mensajes ni seguir a naden
que puedo hacer


2 years and this is still not implemented? This is ridiculous!
If you have a project that was made externally, you don’t want those developers to still get access to that account after they finished the project.

You could change your password every time, but that’s also not the way to go. Facebook does a better job for this.


+1… This is a pretty standard thing surely?