How do can I fetch multiple tweets by ID with one API call?


Hey there,

For a scientific challenge we are provided a list of relevant twitter ID’s to a certain movie, they are approximatly 50 k per movie
Is there a way to download multiple id’s with one api call?




No, there is currently no way to request multiple Tweets with one API call. You have to send as many [node:9700] as you have Tweets to fetch and pace them to keep your velocity under the rate limits, [node:10280 is useful for that.


What is [node:10280?

I have an application that takes a user’s 80 most recent tweets, and for each reply tweet it calculates the difference in time between the original tweet and their reply, and then returns the average. It works, but at 80 calls (max) per use, it can hit the rate limit fairly quickly.

Is there any way around multiple calls (one for each reply), if all I am interested in is the timestamp between one tweet (which I get by accessing a user’s timeline) and another (which I get by detecting the in_reply_to_user_id_str of the original, and then requesting that tweet)?

Furthermore, even at searching 80 tweets the page takes a long time to load.

If it can’t go above a certain “velocity”, is it smart to design the page so that all other content loads first, and then this information comes up once it has finished loading (sorry for not knowing the terminology, I’m new to web design)?

Thanks much


Hey, thanks for your answer Sylvain,

is there a way I can get a higher rate limit? I would need approx 150k / week I really want to have access to the data since I want analyse twitter data we are provided from within the challange,






Why am not able to get 100 results with rpp set to 100