How could I show the latest tweets in a Widget and plausibility to retweet and answer the tweets?


I’ve tried the internet site on Twitter to make a Widget, but when I paste the HTML in a test page or site, like this, you can see only the title of it, with a link to the Twitter profile. No Tweet(s) in it. The preview on the Twitter site is perfect but on the site I just said before, you see almost noting… How could I fix this?

Reason why I’m asking this:
I would make a fan site for a game and the game company is Twittering. On the site of the company you see also a part of a page to see the latest Tweets. That same idea (another lay-out) is what I would like to have on my website, made with Weebly, so I could put in a HTML part on a page to put in a code. But you still must have a working code to do that! ;-). On Weebly I’ll getting the same result as on the HTML testing site: Only a Title of the Widget.

Who knows a solution?