How could I get Twitter data for research?


Hi, I’m a researcher, not a developer. I want to get some Twitter data for my research. I found many apps to get data about my account, not about the other’s one. For example, how many accounts are talking about a topic, or how often an account retweet. How can I get this data from Twitter? Are there app useful to do it? Thank you


See Public Streams and GET statuses/sample in particular. Lots and lots of tweets.


Thank you very much for your answer. Can I extract this data if I’m not a developer, and I don’t know jquery? Where can I find useful app to do that?


Did you manage to find out how to do this?


Yes, I’m looking for it


I am PhD at Wageningen University & Research center in The Netherlands. I am doing a research on the influence of Twitter activitiy on the governance of sustainability in agro-food systems. I am now searching for ways to gather and organize relevant data. Can Twitter provide me with more tools/access that allow me to search, gather and organize data?


Good question, we had trouble with this too. So, we fixed it. Check out, we synthesize and analyze all of the twitter data for whats trending in nola. Its a free resource.


@nowiNOLA I can’t go to your website. There is an error. Why?


Typing in fixed the issue for me.


Hi Tim,

Have you had any success with this? I can potentially help you if not.



Hi Matt,

I believe I am in a similar situation as Tim. I am a PhD student in Biostatistics and I am interested in accessing the Twitter public streaming data for a project I am working on regarding clustering topics in twitter. I was able to use my application to register my OAuth credentials to start a twitter session, but I don’t know what to do from here. Ideally, I would like to be able to see the activity of different topics over a period of time (not necessarily only trending topics).

Do you have any suggestions of how I can go about getting this data? I am using R, but I am open to learning and trying another programming language. I’d appreciate any help. My email is



Hi, I am a student at the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest and my BA study is based in the use of social media data in urban planning. I am trying to get some data from twitter, but my study requires to have both geotagged and subject based data, and although I’ve tried to get some using the Search option, I am afraid I’d need to store it in an organised database. I am not a developer and I don’t know code. I am asking you for help, if you know any simple method to retrive that particulary kind of data and directly store it to a database (.csv perhaps?). Thank you!


hi, i also want to get twitter data for my research. can anyone help how it could be done.


Did you people finds some usefult tutorials? I just see my questions, but not many asnwers… cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi Matt,

I’m still struggling strong. I need historical Twitter data, so I guess there is no other way than going to a third party (like GNIP)…right?


See this:

If not possible, follow these steps:
go to : 1)
2) Make the profile as asked
3) Get the token generated.
4) Use it in your respective tool(python, R) to extract the twitter tuple.


any updates on this?


I am building an app for this. I need it for my Master Thesis research. It gathers recent tweets at a 15 minute interval for defined keywords.

I’f you are interested you can contact me at

It is still in development and I’m not sure when I can get things up and running for you but a number of testers can be usefull.


Thank you this is useful. The problem is that now the course is over we cannot acces the python/R tool…is there a specific one or can we use the regular python versions…?


@timstevens85 and @singhkyra
Are you guys still stuck?
I am a PhD student at New York University doing Big Data Analytics and Visualization, more or less. I’m fetching about 100K tweets everyday and doing some analysis.
I think you can only fetch 1% of the Tweets using the streaming API. For historical tweets, use third party data providers.

Let me know if you need some help.

PS: I’m using Python. Is it even possible with R?