How come some twitter cards are already partly expanded? How can I make my cards do this?


I notice in my stream that some twitter cards are already partially expanded so that people can start to see the media (image), yet when I post mine, it just shows Expand, and the only way to see the twitter card is to expand it?


Currently we only expand pic.twitter and vine posts, mostly for safety and interest of others. (In our early discussions, some partners/users didn’t want them auto-expanded.)

We’re considering other options moving forward, and will keep everyone here posted.




About safety and interest, I think if someone is following our twitter it means he already understand the risks, at least he already knows the content of the account.

Except for the fake twitter account or on behalf of another person, obviously it’s a different case.

For example,“auto expand details” feature special for the follower, it’s fair to other users who are not followers of our Twitter account.

It would be nice if there was an option in the settings menu twitter account belongs to us about “auto expand details” such as for image / media.

It’s just a suggestion.


“Currently we only expand pic.twitter and vine posts,”

So how do we tweet a pic.twitter post so that our images can be expanded?

I see that I can get a pic.twitter url by tweeting an image, but then do I have to tweet it twice? Once to get the pic.twitter url and then again to get an expanded image tweet.


I’m having the same problem and I’d really like to see twitter cards expanded with images to entice our followers. Is there still no way to have twitter cards auto-expanded?


Hi, I am a keen & daily user of Twitter. I am a registered disabled pensioner & very slow keyboard type. I have few ideas I would like to trial & expand on Twitter for mainly UK Deaf & disabled people .Can I talk to someone @ Twitter on the telephone phone about this ? If not who could I write to ?
In addition can I have two Twitter accounts one personal & one business on the same PC ?


Have just spent a few hours working with Twitter Cards for my apps.

They look great in all the promotions that Twitter do, except THEY DO NOT AUTO EXPAND.

All those messages on this board that say Twitter Cards don’t work? Its because people expect to see Twitter cards without expanding the tweet.

So Twitter cards are basically useless for apps.

Nobody opens tweets. They are so short that they read them unexpanded.


Thanks, Peter.

We’re working on making it a better experience, and we do forward on these comments to our product team to help them guide the direction of the product.


I think they look great expanded, and I’d like to be able to simply post a photo as a tweet. It’s improved the visual experience of Twitter immeasurably, though I’d like to think it wasn’t simply businesses and organizations that have this ability. It ought to be given to all users.

I really don’t think it undermines Twitter’s origins. Photos are very pithy.


I agree - ask people to click even more to see something, and they won’t. All images/summaries should autoexpand for everyone equally and fairly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. If you want the feature, implement it and move on.


I second the motion.


Hi sugarhai, in other words, you can attach an image when posting a tweet by using the attach photo button underneath the text input. This becomes a image and will be automatically expanded in the timeline.


I agree, they look beautiful but how disappointing that they don’t auto expand =(


yes, please!


The Twitter cards are promoted/advertised as enabling us to provide engaging content for users, however after spending time implementing them we are hugely disappointed that they do not auto expand… Therefore twitter cards are getting much less click through because no one is going to expand them on the basis of the text… When is this going to be changed?? Why do we need to choose between providing an image that auto expands but with no details, or a detail twitter card that cannot be previewed… It does not make much sense…


Ditto. Very frustrating.


I think auto-extend is necessary feature for Twitter card. Without that it is not 100% useful.


Ok but in this case it won´t be considered a “twitter card”, right!?
So, in my opinion, the share API should have this option when crawling and fetching url meta-tags
and if it founds a “twitter:image:src” + “twitter:card” meta-tag defined, it should enable auto-expand this images feature.


This is an issue, as the twitter card documentation is misleading. Twitter cards have little value if they do not display by default, as others in this thread have expressed. The Twitter Card documentation at should have a banner at the top, or a section in the introduction stating clearly that cards do not appear in timelines unless clicked, so that developers do not waste their time implementing this functionality.


Cards appear expanded by default in the timeline on the Twitter-provided iOS and Android apps, and on the web currently require an additional click to expand. There have been some experiments to provide expanded cards in the web timeline by default but this is not yet the standard behaviour. Look for further improvements to Cards in the future!