How come new twitter app wont save?


I followed the instructions to the letter, read the tos, checked the box, filled out captcha correctly. I am sure I did so because when I dont I get the pink box with the alert I didn’t. Yet when I hit continue instead of getting to the oAuth page settings I just go back to the top.


I am experiencing the same issue. tried with firefox and IE both with the same effort and results as @speciallist12


same here. i’ve tried chrome firefox IE and they all don’t work.


well hopfulelly this is a more impotent tweet then Mayweahter’s comments


We had a temporary issue with this last night that is now resolved. Thanks for letting us know.


Thank you Taylor


It turns out I had an error in the application name field and that the page was not posting back feedback on the error-just failed to accept it and returned the failed page.
Today when I made the identical effort it informed me and i was able to proceed to find success.

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