How can we share GIF image on Twitter


We are using GIGYA social sharing to share image on twitter. I am able to share JPEG image but i am unable to share GIF/Animated image on twitter. Can you please provide step or share code example to implement this functionality


I assume that Gigya just connects with Twitter web intents in order to drive sharing. Web intents do not currently support uploading images, GIFs or videos with the Tweet text. You would need to build a custom sharing page to enable image or GIF uploads. Providing a step-by-step example is beyond the scope of what we can provide here.


Thanks for your quick update.

We are using MVC. Is there anyway to share the GIF image on twitter using any custom code ?.


I have used the “Player card” to share the GIF image. I have implemented below mention meta tag also

meta property=“og:title” content=“The Period Projects | U by Kotex®”

meta property="og:image" content="" meta property="og:url" content=""> meta property="og:type" content="video.other" meta property="twitter:card" content="player" meta property="twitter:title" content="The Period Projects | U by Kotex®" meta property="twitter:description" content="" meta property="twitter:image" content=""> <meta property="twitter:player" content="" meta property="twitter:url" content="" meta property="twitter:player:width" content="435" meta property="twitter:player:height" content="435"

But still not able to share GIF/Video on twitter. Can you please provide any code example to share GIF image on twitter ?


The Twitter Player card supports MP4, not GIFs - check our sample code.

Any assets to be displayed in a player card must be at a fully-qualified, globally-accessible URL.


I have also passed .mp4 in meta tag.

meta property=“twitter:card” content="player"
meta property=“twitter:player” content=“”.
But It is not working. Still shared static image on twitter instead of video.