How can we increase the rate limit for a handle that's allowed up to 4,000 campaigns?



Accounts with a limit of 200 campaigns return a rate limit header of 250.

x-rate-limit-limit: 250

For the accounts whose campaign limit was raised to 4000, we think the rate limits
should be raised to 5000 or something more equivalent to the ratio of 200/250.

Right now it appears to be set to 250 and that’s causing our analytic use cases to hit the rate limits.


Hi @laurensimonelli! The maximum number of campaigns has nothing to do with the rate limit of your account. The rate limit means how many requests you can do in a time window. Take a look at, although I think the values are not up to date, for example in v1 of the Ads API there is no analytics cost anymore, as far as I know.


You’re right @majoritasdev, but what @laurensimonelli is trying to explain is if you have access to create 4.000 campaigns, it’s a little bit “weird” you can only do 250 request per 15minutes time window. Those accounts should have more request to achieve the stats.



Well, the rate limit depends on your level of Ads API access, whereas the maximum number of campaigns of 4,000 can be achieved if you talk to your account manager. Yes, it’s a bit weird, but, then again, they are different concepts.


They sync stats endpoint in v1 is meant for developers building a solution that performs real-time optimization based on campaign performance data. For all other uses, the async endpoint should be used, which allows you to get more data faster. At this time we don’t offer increases in limits for the v1 sync endpoint and if you run into issues collecting the data you need, please reach out to your partner manager on the business team here at Twitter.