How can we get tweets of a user containing specific hashtag?


I am trying to integrate twitter tweets widget on my webpage .
In which i want all my tweets with specific hashtag.
How can i get those?


You can use a Search Embedded timeline , with a query like:

from:TwitterDev #helloworld

That will only show tweets with #helloworld from @TwitterDev


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As @IgorBrigadir says, this is straightforward to do by creating a widget. Here’s a link to the account settings page where you can configure these.

Note that the search API is limited to 7 days of content, so any Tweets containing the hashtag older than that will not show up in your timeline widget.


Is there any way to increase the days limit of 7 to some custom date.


You may not increase the days available in the search index. You may limit your search to a range of dates available in the index using the since and until operators.