How can we create an App via the Twitter Ads API?


We are looking to create apps through the Twitter Ads API.

At the moment, the only thing that remotely resembles creating an App via the Twitter Ads API is the APP_LISTS endpoint. But creating an App via this endpoint does not show that an App was created in the Twitter UI. The section that I am referring to in the Twitter UI is shown in the image below:

So it looks like there is another way to create/manage Apps within the Twitter API that we do not know about. Can any of the Twitter Staff please shed some light on this issue? How can we correctly create an App via the Twitter Ads API?


Hi @msbukkuri - I think what you are after is if I am understanding this correctly.


Hi @andrs and thank you for your reply. Unfortunately that is not what I am after.

I am trying to create an iPad/iPhone/Android App via the Ads API. I am trying to replicate the functionality that represents this here:

Once the app has been added, it will appear in the Twitter Ads App Manager:

From this, I would be able to easily reference and create App Cards and App Image Cards. Do you have any way to get this information? After I have created an app, is there a way to get the Name, the Platform, and the App Store or Google Play Store id from a Twitter Ads API endpoint?

I hope that clarifies what I am looking for.

Apps not returned in API call for them - app_lists
Apps not returned in API call for them - app_lists

@msbukkuri the Ads API doesn’t maintain a mobile app library for you like the Twitter Ads UI.

We provide the basic building blocks for you to build a similar experience for your advertisers, but we try not to make any UI-related flow or design decisions for our API developers. The rationale behind this is that we don’t actually want API developers to simply mimic / clone the Twitter Ads UI, we want to see them innovate and define their own UX for advertisers.

In the API, you’re required to pass in the related mobile app identifiers and the app_country_code as well as the optional deeplink information for every MAP Card you create, but you could easily build your own take on a mobile app library within your product if you wanted to simplify this flow for your advertisers.

For reference, take a look at the following docs for our MAP Cards:


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