How can I verify credentials to other users using twitter api?



I have created an app into twitter (
Now I have got below details -
oauthconsumerkey ,oauthconsumersecret ,oauthsignaturemethod,oauthversion ,oauthtoken ,oauthtokensecret

by using following c# code I can verify user -

HttpWebRequest hwr = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(

hwr.Headers.Add(“Authorization”, authorizationHeaderParams.ToString());

variable ‘authorizationHeaderParams’ includes all input parameters which we got after adding app into twitter. i.e.oauthconsumerkey ,oauthconsumersecret ,oauthsignaturemethod,oauthversion ,oauthtoken ,oauthtokensecret

Now my questions is -
Is there any way to add users who will access my twitter app or how can I verify other user which uses same consumer key and consumer secret key?

very confusing I know . my scenario is -
mobile application uses Twitter Digits api to authenticate user by generating OTP and Digits token.
After that I want to verify that users credential using above c# code.
But my confusion is how can other users will use that same consumer key and consumer secret and how that users are part of my twitter app?
Is it done by Digits while register new use or how?
Please guide me?


Digits is separate from Twitter (and is now owned by Google) - the account is not the same as a Twitter account. You can use sign-in with Twitter to retrieve user tokens for different users that login to your app and verify the credentials.


Got you Thanks :slight_smile: