How can i use twitter api v1.1


how can i use twitter api v1.1 .
I was used
but it wasn’t work and say i have to use api v1.1 I searched for example for it but always say there is error code 215


See [node:10639] for an overview of how to use API v1.1.


The same for me… Does anyone have a Get search example… with Oauth?


So @episod, I had my json javascript sucker up and running fine. What’s up with the complicated Oauth and limited requests and that?


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what will be v1.1 URL for
I am getting below error - The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.

Its nowhere written new api code, may be i am not able to understand. Very new to twitter dev world.

Many Thanks


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In grails how to access tweets using hashTag?Any Documentation…Please provide link.


from where should i download the the api 1.1 library , plz revert asap


can anybody help out me with the latest linq to twitter with version 1.1 in aspnet mvc


can someone send me a sample code to use twitter API to get number of tweets sent,followers filtered by the time specified?


I am new to this, so any detailed response would be highly appreciated


where can I download demo 呢???


did you come to know any solution for accessing tweets in grails? i have the same thing to do…

i want to access json from twitter page please help me


all things are not working error are same as to me to… bad api


You need to use OAuth to authenticate, then pull the json. You cannot use the v1 API any more.


If you can be specific about the issue you are having we may be able to help?


why there is no full examples to show an idea how the api totally works?
just take a look at facebook api documentation!