How can i tweet on behalf of those who allowed my app?


I have activated twitter app on my website. But now i want to post tweets on behalf of those who allowed my application to…

but how do i do that?


What do you mean by activated twitter app on your website? What kind of tweeting do you want to do on behalf of your users? Are your users fully cognizant and in control of what would be tweeted on their behalf?


I meant by twitter applications. The users grant permisions to the twitter application so as to login with twitter. The agreement says i can post tweets and send direct messages.


On their behalf, with their full cognizance and understanding. One of the most important rules on the platform is “Don’t Surprise Users” – stick by that in nearly everything you want to do (and make sure you follow all of the other rules in the terms and automation guidelines while you’re at it).


Yes, i get you bro. I have made that clear in the agreement and those who accepted just want to help me advertise my application.

so can you help me on the way to post on behalf of them? I know the consequence of going against rules. Please help me buddy