How can I transfer Twitter Cards to another twitter account?


I have some approved sites for twitter cards assigned to my twitter account which I want to assign to another account. How is this possible?


Add a comment to your page that shows you own the domain, and give us the domain.

We can update it from there.


The domain is and the new assigned twitter account should be @SBuildOrg.

You can see, that it is already referenced from the projects contact / impressum page.


Hi, I manage the accounts @shambhalasun and @lionsroar — both associated with the website, and I need the Twitter Cards transferred from @shambhalasun to @lionsroar. Can you do this? You can see that @lionsroar is the account referenced in the header of


In both the @TobiasRoeser and @smlfw cases, the twitter:site will override the default. So for future readers, ensure you have twitter:site and you’re good to go.

That said, both of these have been updated, if only because I neglected them so long. Sorry & thanks!