How can I test Interstitials



I have implemented banner and interstitial ads in my Android app. In order to test them I created my own Demo order for the banner ads with an image I provided. It worked as expected.
However, I cannot test if the interstitials work. I created a Demo Line Item and then I added a new Creative. The Creative’s stats are:

  • Format: Phone Full Screen
  • Type: HTML
  • In the HTML body field I provided:
<h1>Interstitial Test</h1>
This is an HTML Ad. No MRAID.

I also added a Phone Full Screen Creative with type Image. Both times I got an error in logcat, saying

Interstitial failed with errorcode: No ads found.

Was my attempt to test Interstitials completely wrong? If so, what is the proper way to test Interstitials?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @maxp05082796,

It definitely doesn’t sound like your attempt is completely wrong! However, we aren’t able to determine what is going on with the information we have. Would you mind reaching out to with your account username, ad unit ID and a full set of logs from your testing? The Support Team would be happy to help you look into this.

Thank you!