How can I tell if my app is blacklisted?




I am a graduate student in Japan and trying to collect public user timeline with java program for my research purpose especially with social media. At first, the program worked well and could collect almost 200 user’s timeline already but recently not.

I am using getUserTimeline on Twitter4j and try to get 3200 tweet in maximum for each user.
But now, I got 401 unauthorized error and it says my API key or my server time is not collect.

The error response is as following.
401:Authentication credentials ( were missing or incorrect. Ensure that you have set valid consumer key/secret, access token/secret, and the system clock is in sync.
{“request”:"/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json",“error”:“Not authorized.”}

I checked my server time and it is correct(less than 0.1 second difference).
Also, I registered difference app and got new API key with my account.

I tried on these condition, I could call API about 15 times maximum in 15 minutes.
In the beginning, I could call API almost 180 times in 15 minutes so I think I got blacklisted.

It is true that my program did high load to twitter server,
I call API almost 180 times or more every 15 minutes.
But now, I changed my program and much less than that.

How can I get off from the blacklist?
Is there anything I can do?

Thank you.