How can I tell if my app is blacklisted?


I have a php app that posts to the @Rare_Bird_Alert twitter account based on input received from another system. Everything was working OK last week, but this morning I noticed the account wasn’t updating. I ran a few tests and I’m getting 403 responses to POST ‘1.1/statuses/update_with_media’ and ‘1.1/statuses/update’.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a busy day in the birding world and the account posted 120 rare bird alert updates, most with media. Have I run into a rate limit? Is it possible my app has been blacklisted? And, if it has been blacklisted, how can I get it off the blacklist?

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This doesn’t sound like blacklisting. Are you monitoring how many tweets you issue and how frequently? Accounts are limited to 1000 daily tweets, but that limit is broken into roaming windows of time with considerably lower limits in each of those windows.


The input data generally comes in once an hour and generates at most 20 updates. I wouldn’t think it would trigger the rate limit, but not sure how else to explain things suddenly not working.


So some more input data just came in and one of the four posts that were generated made it onto the timeline. So no blacklist, and perhaps no rate limit. But, three of the four posts received 403s.

Thanks for the response Taylor. Can you suggest were else I might look to find out why I’m getting these 403s?

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Have you looked at the message that comes with the 403? Keep in mind the 140 character limit and how posting with media and/or URLs can interact with that limit: [node:1164].


Thanks for your help Taylor. Think I’ve got a handle on it now.