How can i store access tokens and access token secret?


Hi guys,

Im currently building a twitter app, and everything is going well.

My only thing is that once ive obtained the access token and tokensecret, i cant store them, id like to store them in a database so that the user doesnt have to log in every time they open the app but also in my app settings so that i dont have to read them from a database everytime theyre required.

Any ideas on how i can store them?


who are you getting the access token for particular user? i have requirement like when user will come to my app and provide his username and password for Twitter then i need to call Twitter API to login and fetch the access token and save this token to DB and when user will come next time he do not need to give Twitter username and password, App will automatically fetch the record from twitter and show to user.
My problem is when user will give his username and password then which Twitter Api i need to call?
thanks in advance.


Hi RainWaterInnnov,

I have exactly the same problem too. Have you already solved it? How did you solved it? Please help me.


Hi PortalBrowser,

I have exactly the same problem. Have you already solved it? Please help me how to solved this thing. Thanks in advance!