How can I see all my followers in a simple list?



I try to get all my followers in a list but the limit is still on 20 is it possible to show all my followers?

My code :

require '../crons/tmhOAuth.php';
require '../crons/tmhUtilities.php';

$tmhOAuth = new tmhOAuth(array(
    'consumer_key'    => $settings['consumer_key'],
    'consumer_secret' => $settings['consumer_secret'],
    'user_token'      => $settings['access_token'],
    'user_secret'     => $settings['access_token_secret'],

$response = $tmhOAuth->request('GET', $tmhOAuth->url('1.1/followers/list'), array(
    'screen_name' => 'Torrenttop100'

$res = json_decode($tmhOAuth->response["response"]);

foreach($res->users as $user) {
	echo $user->screen_name.' I am following<br>';

Greetings Theo


How can i get all my followers? pls help me