How can I register my telephone number if I'm in France?



I really can’t figure out in your support pages how to register my phone number to my account. I sent texts to the UK number…Did not work. I need to create an app but i can’t if I haven’t a phone number registered.
I’m beginning to turn a bit mad.
Thanks for your help.


Hello Victor,

First of all, we are really sorry about the inconvenience. We are experimenting with new requirements for application creation to reduce abusive uses of the platform.

Please take a look at this discussion thread: [node:25870], and use the link below if you are unfortunately unable to meet the mobile phone requirements from your country:


We are aware of the current difficulties and actively working on improving the app registration flow. Thanks for your patience.



Incredible! 5 days I sent a message to this f… form and I have to discover this thread to learn that I must have an off-shore phone number to create an application on twitter…

It’s really awsome !


Hi !
Just to let everyone know: after I posted this message, I received a very nice message from Twitter people telling me that they knoew it was complicated to get an application / phone number registered for their services in France. They told me they had done what was necessary in order for me to get an application authorization.
So, if you are in my case, just send a nice message to @romainhuet or to and I’m sure they answer quite quickly. ( If they don’t, send an angry one! :slight_smile: )