How can I reactivate writting permissions in an API?


Hi! With the change of policies we lost our write permissions in the API. I made the changes needed and contacted via contact form several times for reactivation. However, I never received an answer. What am I doing wrong? What is the proper way to request the reactivation of the write permission of an API? Thank you.


You should be able to do this via - if the original case was open for a while, it may have automatically closed, so please open a new one and respond to any automated replies.


Thank you!! I will try it right now. Probably the problem was the part about answering to automated messages.


I sent the message and answered the automatic response. I hope it works now.


I didn’t received answer yet. Is it normal?


4 days have passed and I didn’t receive answer yet. I wrote again to the e-mail of the ticket, just in case.


A week now and I don’t know nothing about this. What am I doing wrong? This is very frustrating…