How can I not show the YouTube URL when embedding youtube videos?



This might seem like a minor detail, but as someone who shares a lot of YouTube content, it’s important to me.

Ih the below example, you can see my account (@danvineberg) sharing a video where the YouTube video is embedded, but the YouTube URL does not show. In other words, the URL has simply turned itself into the embedded video. This is the desired effect.

Above it, you can see Kerala Tourism sharing the same video, but this time the youtube URL shows as well as the embedded video. This is a distraction that doesn’t add any value to the tweet.

Is there any way I can ensure tweets go out with only the embedded video, and not the YouTube URL? In some cases, I’ve actually included the YouTube URL and a third worse outcome occurs - it provides only the link without any embedded video at all.

I’ve done some searching for the answer to what exactly is leading to these different results, but I haven’t found any answer yet. I had thought Twitter Cards might hold an answer, and that’s what brought me here. In any case, I hope someone can help clear this up for me. It’s something a lot of people in the YouTube community are unclear about.




I believe the difference between the two Tweets and the way in which they render is that in your Tweet, the URL is the final piece of text in the Tweet body, so it “vanishes” when the card is rendered. In the other Tweet, there’s some text after that, so it all still appears.


Interesting… so it’s only placement, and there’s nothing specific about the URL that determines whether it appears or not?


I do not believe so - it should only be the location. Note that how Cards are displayed is subject to change and experimentation from time to time, also. However, pretty sure with the example you shared here, it’s simply that the link is the final text element in the Tweet that dictates the display format.


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