How can i make App Card with big image?


Is there any ability to do that?


The App Card takes the app icon from the store listing, rather than allowing you to add an image directly.

The alternative would be a Summary Large Image card, but you’d need to provide a link to your site and have that URL setup with an image and Cards markup. You also won’t get the app install option from that card.


Thanks for reply!
It’s a pity :frowning:
This opportunity will ever appear?


Also, i remember that when we used Summary Large Image card before, twitter was correctly parsing “app” tags and showed app install option with that card. But now, this option shown only once after first Twitter app install, and then it disappears.


Yes, this is due to a change in the way that we render cards now. The app and summary cards are now separate entities, and the summary cards don’t render the app tags.