How can I know if I have access to the activities account?


how can I know if I have permission to use the activity account?


Hi @juan73544254 - I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you mean, do you have access to the Account Activity API?

If you have an active developer account, you can use the Sandox option free of charge (this supports 1 webhook); or decide to pay for access (this supports up to 2 webhooks).

Please see our documentation on the Account Activity API for further information.


I have problems registering my webhook using Sandbox, I think it runs and asks if I do not have access to the account activity API.
I have the following error
[code] => 214
[message] => Webhook URL does not meet the requirements. Invalid CRC token or json response format.

I’m using php, I hope you can tell me what I’m failing.

url = ""; content = connection-> post ("account_activity / all / Activity2 / webhooks", ["url" => url]);

I do not understand very well how to get crc_token.


Hi @juan73544254 - I suggest you review these resources to help get you started:

Once you have reviewed the above, let us know if you have any more questions


you can register the webhook, I just had to do what this form.

token = _REQUEST[‘crc_token’];

function get_challenge_response($token) {
$hash = hash_hmac(‘sha256’, $token, APP_CONSUMER_SECRET, true);
$response = array(
‘response_token’ => ‘sha256=’ . base64_encode($hash)
return json_encode($response);

function get_events($events){
return json_encode($events);

// prints result
echo get_challenge_response($token);

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