How can I just pull a feed of a given user's tweets, exactly the same as Widget v1.0 did?


All websites that I’ve created are using twitter’s widget v1.0, which allowed me to display a list of a given user’s tweets and style the output how I wanted. With the deprecation of that widget, I can no longer style the output for some reason and I’m forced to use the new widget which only gives me light and dark themes. Which brings me to my question:

How can I get a feed of a given user’s tweets so I can style them how I want to? I’ve read the documentation for using the API and none of the scenarios fit what I want to do. I’m not the slightest bit concerned with obtaining an OAuth token to display a single user’s tweets as I’m not looking to have people login to my site with twitter. I don’t want my users to tweet on my site. I just want to display a few tweets and style them how I want to style them.


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Hello Dear,

I am facing a problem with the new v1.1 twitter api. My problem is that when i am passing more then 1 parameter to any twitter request for example:

$twitter->statuses_homeTimeline(array(‘count’ => 10, ‘max_id’ => $max_id));

Then it’s throwing an error message that “Couldn’t authenticate you.”

Please help me regarding this.

Looking forward to your answer.




Did you develop this? This is the solution I’m looking for but I want to develop my own…


Yes we developed it. You can download the PHP source code from our sister website The main objective of the service was to keep it very simple for people without server-side coding experience or/and access. You can easily add support for searches - we did’nt because it was surplus to our objective.