How can I install a twitter plugin on my site



I have a website:

I want to do one thing that i want to install any plugin on which it automatically generates the hashtag of that product and shows the opinion of the people about that product.

I want it to be live as in if somebody commented it should show like a live feed.

Please guide.



Easiest way to do it is to use the tweet button and populate the HTML code with the appropriate hashtags you want.

Check out the custom options for that


Yes but are you sure it will show live feeds?


I think what you’re asking for here is for a hashtag timeline to show on your site. I think @IgorBrigadir was trying to help you to come up with a solution for Tweeting with added hashtags from a website.

There’s currently no plugin or offering from Twitter that will embed a timeline composed of hashtagged Tweets for you. You will have to look for a third-party solution for this use case.

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