How can i increase the number of track parameters?


Hello there,
im using the streaming api along with apache storm for my thesis. I wanna get tweets using the streaming api concerning drugs. The problem is that the list of medicines, which i want to filter with, includes over 10.000 drugs which i cannot pass into the track parameter.

Is there any way to increase the number of the track parameters? I read that there are different access levels for the API. If, that’s the case can i do something about that?

Thank you and sorry if my topic is bad written.


You can apply for elevated access on the streaming API via our Platform Support forms. Note that this is rarely granted on the public API. The other alternative is GNIP, but I’m afraid that is a commercial offering. You’re only able to filter by 400 keywords on the public stream.


Thanks for the answer, i 'll give it a chance even though it may be a small one.

Is it possible to use the credentials of 2 different apis in order to bypass the limitation of 400 track keywords?
For example if i use 2 apis i could get a sum of 800 keywords.



No, that’s explicitly against the Developer Policy and Agreement (section II.B to be specific). Rate limits are in place for a reason, and attempts to circumvent them will lead to app suspension, I’m afraid.


Hmm, thanks for the answer again.

But is it so much a deal, to increase only the number of keywords for a specific API?

I mean its not that there is an increase on the rate of tweets. Or do i miss something on this?



Unfortunately, we cannot increase for a specific API. Thanks for asking though.