How Can I Have Twitter OAuth Like This?


Hi guys,

I’m working on iOS project right now where there are 2 login buttons : Login with Facebook and Login with Twitter.

I have no problem with Facebook authentication process, because it runs perfectly as I expected like this :

it opens Facebook native app or Safari browser (if native app not installed), then user will see their photo to process the authentication.

but, when I’m dealing with Twitter, It’s kinda different… based on what I see on, Twitter authentication process will look like this :

It makes my app feels different in terms of user experience. How can I have Twitter Authentication process like this on iOS :

any sample code or tutorial will be appreciated… thank you very much…


You can’t make it look exactly like that – we don’t support signing on through our iOS application to another application.

If you don’t want to use the web-based flow on iOS, you can use the native Twitter account capabilities in iOS5 and above. See [node:2990]


take a look at this