How can I get value of Result


I can see the value of field “結果” on manage screen. But I do not know how to get it by API.
I checked all fields at and some other places but cannot see it. Please help me. Thank you very much.


Hi, @erv_jackie. Please provide some additional context. Where are you seeing 結果? That is, what is it? Is it a campaign name or line item name, for example?


This field names “Result”. I want to get result by API but I cannot see it at
This is my screenshot. Please check it.


Thanks for the clarification. The Results section corresponds to

The number of actions that fulfill your campaign objective, e.g. views in a promoted video views campaign.

So there isn’t a “results” metric in the synchronous or asynchronous analytics response.

How to get ResultType, ResultRateType and CostPerResultType?

Thank you for your answer. So, I have to check field “Objective” to know what column I need to get value for result fields. But I also have a question.

I see a lot of objective here
So, how can I map it with the column I need to get value for results. Is it existed the link for mapping them together? e.g. if objective is WEBSITE_CLICKS, the value of result field is value of url_clicks…


I’m not sure how decides that. A good rule of thumb will be to look at the charge_by attribute on the line item.