How can I get tweets that contain the dollar sign character?


Is there any way to return a list of all tweets that contain the dollar sign character?

The only search capability of Twitter related to the dollar sign character is related to cashtags, which are like hashtags for stock tickers. For example, searching “$AAPL” will give you tweets related to the Apple stock. The “$AAPL” results are different from the results that you would get searching “AAPL” without the dollar sign.

However when you search “$100”, the dollar sign is parsed out and you receive the same list of tweets that are returned if you were to just search “100”. When you search “$” empty results are returned.


Hi there

I fully support your request.

I really would love to see you twitter guys implement the search functionality for cashtags as soon as possible.

Searching for $* should be a easy to implement feature with lot of power for traders or interested people.

A lot of valid and precious information is not searchable for now!!!

Cheers and Regards our of Europe.


Thanks for this input. I’ll log a ticket. I can’t speak to the team’s backlog or prioritization, but I definitely want to make sure it’s on their radar.



Any hope this gets implemented?