How can i get the Timeline between two timings ex: 10.30AM to 11.00AM


I am a application developer for Business.
I need time line of a client or user through my apps.
I need to get stream of TimeLine from that user and have store into data base.
So i need only new time line status from that account.
so i used to recover timeline between the two timing.
If i get Timeline from an account from 10.00AM to 10.30AM means.
then i have get again 10.30 to 11.00.
for this how to implement this idea.
Tell detailly.
waiting for Quick reply.


[node:6213] details how to work with a user (or just about any) timeline. While you can’t navigate explicitly between certain parts of the day, there are other means to accomplish your goals. Additionally, you should take a look at what’s possible with the Streaming API such that you’d be streamed those tweets as they happen from 10:30 to 11:00 rater than having to pick up the pieces after the fact.


hello, (java)
i need a example program for getting the more than one user’s time line, to store in the database.
i need to get stream of updates from each user. i need example program in java which reading the json parameters.
pls reply…

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