How can I get the resource back when the ad isloaded



I’ve followed the tutorial as below

I found Mopub always return as a view for me to replaced by recyclerView.
But what should I do if I want to get the mainImage, iconImage, Title text, text (as I mapped on the ViewBinder)?

I’d like to get all of this and set the source when I bind my view.
Are there any solution?

Thanks for help


Hi @p158276,

Thanks for sharing your question! It sounds like you want us to return each of the native ad assets individually rather than in a view. Is that an accurate understanding? Please note that this is not a supported and you must use the view provided in order to display MoPub native ads.

If you still have questions, please reach out to with the email address associated with your account, your ad unit and a description of your problem and our Support Team will gladly assist you.