How can I get "Revoke access" callback or authorisation status for an application?



I created a Twitter application and could login Twitter with OAuth.
However I could not find callback or status check API for “Revoke access” at Twitter Applications settings.
When I use Facebook API, this has Deauthorize Callback Url setting. This callback will be called when user remove the application at settings page.
Does Twitter API have such APIs or settings? If there is not such “Deauthorize Callback Url” settings, I would like to check my application authorization status at an user. How can I do such things and which api should I use?


You can’t get notified when someone revokes access as far as i know - but you can use to test if the tokens are good. Or any other endpoint - if the tokens were revoked, you’ll get a “not authorised” error.


Thank you for your answering! I’ll try these ways.