How can I get my Search Widget to show ALL tweets, not just the popular ones?


The search widget i generated shows only the top tweets. I want it to show all tweets, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Right now it shows:!/search/dedemsvaria

I want it to show:!/search/realtime/dedemsvaria

The code that i’m using:

new TWTR.Widget({
          version: 2,
          type: 'search',
          search: 'dedemsvaria',
          interval: 30000,
          title: '',
          subject: '',
          width: 214,
          height: 300,
          theme: {
            shell: {
              background: '#67c8e8',
              color: '#ffffff'
            tweets: {
              background: '#ffffff',
              color: '#444444',
              links: '#1985b5'
          features: {
            scrollbar: true,
            loop: false,
            live: true,
            behavior: 'all',


I tried to set the toptweets feature to false too, but without success


I’m facing the exact same issue…

Where can I find all possible ‘features’ of the search widget?


It seems that they have reduced the amount of features. The old timestamp (hide the timestamp by setting timestamp:false) feature is not working either.


I am having the same problem. One day all is showing and since yesterday just the top tweets, not even the tweets of the “from:” search. We haven’t changed the search query or code but the results swiched from “all” to “top”. Searching with the same query on!/search/realtime/ gets us the results we want.


this tutorial works for me, but I’m not sure if it supports the ‘live’ feature…


I’m running into this exact same problem. Everything in my twitter feed worked fine until a few days ago, now it’s no longer displaying the “All” results, just the “Top” results. It’s vital that my widget displays the “all,” since I’m using it to get a few certain subjects.

What I need, is to be able to have it return “all” results for, at the very least, “from:tulpa_info OR to:tulpa_info”


argh guyz!

I have the same problem on my websites.
Did anybody find any info on this??


Has any developers commented on this yet? I have a very large website that I’m using the search widget on to collect “from:” queries, and the twitter feed is blank right now.


there’s nothing on it… I just found many comments like in this thread but nothig from devs


Same problem here.


We have the same problem, the widget on the side bar of our home page ( now only shows top tweets and omit many of the most important ones related to Strathpeffer.

In our widget code we have toptweets: false, but that no longer works.

We want “all” tweets, including those from us at the website promoting events and activities in the village. Over the last week or so it has failed to show our tweets at all, even though the code has from:StrathVillage and our tweets always include the word Strathpeffer. Obviously we are not yet one of the top (most popular?) tweeters on the subject of our village!

So whatever they’ve done at twitter to the coding they’ve completely broken what was a very good widget. Unless it’s fixed pretty quickly we’ll have to search for an alternative widget which is a shame.

Even the widget creation tool on Twitter’s site now only displays the top tweets instead of all of them. It’s really bad what they’ve done.


Same here for the widget on my website - it’s now coming up completely blank, presumably because there are no “top tweets” for my search (#fitbanorth). It was a really useful feature before this weekend, and now it is seemingly gone?

Who do we hassle to get an explanation behind the changes made, and lobby to get it reversed if appropriate?


Exactly the same problem here. About a week ago (maybe longer now), the search widget was pulling “all” recent tweets. Now it is loading only the “top” tweets. I have tried sending in help requests and they just keep sending me to the developer site and the basic info pages and won’t answer my questions??? Getting frustrated. I just want t know if the search widgets are only going to pull “top” tweets now or is it a bug. Cmon Twitter, please respond. Bring back the option to have “all recent” posts, please!


Download the file “”.
Open this file, and search for the string shown below.


Change filtered to mixed, and save.
Reading this javascript file, it works as before.

Sorry I’m not good in English…


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