How can i get all retweets of a specific tweet?


In REST API 1.1 i am trying to use, but it can only return up to 100 retweets, is there any way to get all retweets of a specific tweet?


It’s not possible with the API after the fact for a tweet that has more than 100 retweets. You would need to collect them in real time as they happen to collect them all. The Streaming API is the best bet for tracking such things.


But api has cursor
but the request return always [next_cursor] => 0 [next_cursor_str] => 0 [previous_cursor] => 0 [previous_cursor_str] => 0
i get just 100 retweet :s


It has a cursor to allow you to walk through the collection with 5, 10, 20, or whatever count value you like instead of the default, 100. But 100 is the maximum number of results possible to return.


Very disappointing. The REST API should provide some way to get more than 100 retweets.