How can I get access to Stream?


i’m planning and researching app which analizes tweets and determines its topic. For that, i would like to try in real-time mode. How could i get access to streaming? I’m interested on Spanish tweets.


See [node:5850] for information on how to connect to our Streaming APIs.


ok. i have seen it. But, how can I get access to the firehose? i want to recovery spanish tweets, and in sample there isn’t any.


@javirufo please check link for the answer of your question “” . Also have you tried with filtering option means specify spanish language as filtering criteria . if filter result is more then 1% of tweets present in twitter then you may miss some tweets but you will get some tweets in this manner . @episod , please correct me if something is wrong here …


here is link “” .


You can use Phirehose library (on Git) instead of firehose. Firehose request special permissions to access it. I’m planning a research website too and Phirehose is pretty enough


Thank you, but can i use this library even if i don’t have firehose in my role?


Yes of course, Phirehose makes calls to the Streaming APIs methods and uses GET statuses/sample endpoint for that reason which is totally “open” in this aspect.